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AudioManager update

This update makes Computer Concepts's AManager audio manager module compatible with Rick Hudson's PlayIt - a multi-format multi-driver sound playing engine. It adds no extra functionality to AManager itself. More information on PlayIt can be found on Rick Hudson's Web site.

[Zip archive] Download AudioManager version 1.28 (16.5K).

The software is stored in a Zip archive, which can be read using SparkPlug, or any of the Spark family. SparkPlug may be downloaded from David Pilling's Web site, among others.

The AManager module in the archive should be used to replace all instances of the AManager module on your system. Probably the simplest way to do this is to select all the directories on your hard drive and use the menu to 'Find' AManager.

[Illustrative screen shot]

When the Filer finds instances of AManager, click on 'View' to view the directory containing the file. You will then be able to drag and drop the new copy of AManager to copy it over the existing one.

[Illustrative screen shot]

Tip: dragging from an archive opened in SparkPlug will ensure that you copy the right way, since the archive will be read-only.

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