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Impression Junior

For those of you who have never used a 'proper' word processor or wonder what DTP can do for you, Impression Junior is a good introduction. Although it was replaced by Impression Style in December 1993, Impression Junior had been the best-selling word processor/DTP package in the Acorn market until then.

Impression Junior screen shot

About the download

This download includes a full working version of Impression Junior, including a tutorial, a manual and some example documents (sorry, but we cannot offer technical support). Impression Junior runs on all Acorn machines with RISC OS 2 or greater, and 2Mb of memory or greater, except that it will not run in any of the new modes supported by RISC OS 3.5 or greater. To run Impression Style on a Risc PC or an A7000, you will have to change into a pre-Risc PC, numbered mode (say 31 or 28).

Impression Junior screen shot

The software is stored in a Zip archive, which can be read using SparkPlug, or any of the Spark family. SparkPlug may be downloaded from David Pilling's Web site, among others. The download size is 966K.

When you have downloaded and unpacked Impression Junior, please read the Install and ReadME files in the archive. These give further instructions on installing and running the software.

About Impression Style

Our current Impression range includes Impression Style as our entry level word processor/ DTP package. Apart from the features offered by Junior it also benefits from the latest advances in design.

For example it includes:

Style costs £79 + VAT (£92.83) but is available as a special price of £79 all inclusive to those of you who download this copy of Impression Junior from our Web site.

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