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StrongARM upgrades

The application Replace which can be downloaded from this page will update all the GDraw and GSpriteExtend modules on your system with StrongARM-compatible versions. The application is needed because it is not always sufficient simply to upgrade the versions in your CCShared directory - Replace will hunt out other instances of the modules and update them as well.

Replace will render the following CC software StrongARM-compatible:

Users with earlier versions will have to order the full upgrade disc from CC for £10 + VAT. The version of Printers in RISC OS 3.7 is not compatible with earlier releases of TurboDrivers and Laser Direct.

You will need to re-install your Laser Direct and TurboDriver software from your original discs once you have upgraded to RISC OS 3.7. We recommend that you do this before running Replace, although you can run Replace as many times as you like without problems.

We would be grateful if you could fill in the following information when downloading the upgrade, as it will help us to keep our records up to date. When you have filled in the form, click on 'Send archive'.

Your name:

Your e-mail:

Your address:

Please enter your registration numbers for any of the following software you possess:

If you have trouble downloading, you can ask for a UUEncoded version of the archive to be e-mailed to you by ticking the option below:

E-mail me a UUEncoded version of the archive.

The software is stored in a Zip archive, which can be read using SparkPlug, or any of the Spark family. SparkPlug may be downloaded from David Pilling's Web site, among others.

Copy the contents of the archive to another disc and read the Readme file for further instructions.

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