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About this Web site

Because Computer Concepts develops software for Acorn computers, these pages have been designed for Acorn machines running RISC OS. If viewed using Netscape on a 256-colour PC, you will not be viewing these pages with anti-aliased text, and the detail on many of the images won't be as fine. If you have access to an Acorn system, the pages may be improved by viewing them using an Acorn browser. Information on commercial Acorn Internet software is available from Ant Limited and Doggysoft; there are also two excellent Freeware Web browsers for the Acorn system: ArcWeb and Webster.

Navigating around the site

At the top of every page on the site there is a least one row of buttons to help you to move quickly around the site. If the button is pressed in and 'greyed out' then you are at the page which that button refers to. For instance, the 'About this site' button above is in this state.

Where you are in a particular area of the Web site corresponding to a button, that button will be displayed more darkly. For example, this page is in the 'Information' area of the site, so the 'Information' button above is darker than the others on the same row.

In the product guide, there are two arrows at the top of the page to allow you to scroll through the list of products easily.

All buttons have alternative text for the convenience of text-only browsers, or users browsing with the images switched off. In this case, the current page is indicated by the lack of square brackets round the button, and the current area is written entirely in capitals.

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