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TurboDrivers 4.07 released

Computer Concepts has released a new version of the TurboDrivers. In addition to offering full compatibility with Acorn's latest printer driver software !Printers 1.54, the software has been updated to support the latest printers from Epson, HP and Canon. Here is a list of new printers supported by the drivers

Hewlett Packard


Other Epson Stylus Color printers should work with the 'Stylus Color' driver. TurboDrivers do not work at 1440dpi with Epson printers. The maximum print resolution is 720dpi if the printer supports it.


The Canon drivers do not support the PhotoRealistic inks.

There has been a similar upgrade to the LaserDirect software to ensure compatibility with Printers 1.54.

Upgrades are available now from CC at £10 + VAT (£11.75). The latest Canon drivers are being shipped as standard with BJC-620s, BJC-4100s and BJC-70s purchased through Computer Concepts.

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