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The audio capabilities of the Acorn computer have seldom been exploited - but all Acorn 32-bit computers have the ability to play back high-quality stereo samples. AudioWorks provides a complete suite of sound editing functions in one easy to use, low cost application.

AudioWorks is compatible with a whole range of sound files, including Amiga IFF, Armadeus, DataVox, Microsoft Wav, Creative Voice File, Acorn Replay Movies, Digital Symphony, EMR Sound Synth and many more. In addition to playing back from the standard computer speaker, the software can sample from and playback to more advanced audio boards, such as the Eagle MultiMedia card and Lark Sound card.

[AudioWorks screenshot]
This screenshot shows an example waveform and playback buttons.

AudioWorks supports 8-bit, 12-bit, 16-bit, linear signed, linear unsigned, VIDC logarithmic, m-law logarithmic, mono and stereo samples.

AudioWorks is supplied with the AudioCtrl utility, which allows you to attach your own sound sample to many different desktop events, such as opening or closing a window or saving a file. Why not add a scream when you start your least favourite application and a cheer when you quit. Working with a computer will never be the same again.

AudioWorks features

[Oscilloscope] [Spectrum analyser]

Features of the software include:

The package

2 discs containing the program and AudioCtrl utility and example sound samples, with a comprehensive 50 page manual.


Price: £29 + VAT (£34.07 incl)

System requirements

Works on all models of Acorn RISC computers, 2 MBytes required.


Taking over as the standard for Archimedes sound sampling packages.
Acorn User

AudioCtrl is brilliant!
If you are interested in any aspect of sound processing on the Archimedes, AudioWorks is the package for you.
Risc User

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