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Computer Concepts' version list

This list gives the latest versions of Computer Concepts' products. It includes several products which are no longer for sale, but for which software upgrades may be available for existing customers. Contact sales@cconcepts.co.uk for further details.

Chargeable upgrades

Product upgrades are charged at the following rates:

The following upgrade (which covers all the following products) may also be downloaded from this site free of charge. Note that the upgrade to version 4.07 of the TurboDrivers and LaserDirect (which offers full compatibility with !Printers 1.54) is a chargeable upgrade listed above.

To upgrade, we need your serial number and your money - no discs or dongles need to be returned. If you cannot find your serial number but have registered, your address (including post code) may be sufficient, but this will almost certainly delay your order.

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