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StrongARM Support from Computer Concepts

Computer Concepts, developer of some of the most popular titles for the Acorn range of computers, has announced that is working on StrongARM versions of its main titles.

Computer Concepts has been working in co-operation with ART's technical staff and is now aiming to have StrongARM versions of the Impression family of products, ArtWorks and the TurboDriver printer drivers ready in plenty of time for this year's Acorn World Show at Olympia, where CC will be exhibiting.

Charles Moir, Managing Director of Computer Concepts is famous for squeezing the maximum performance from software and expects CC's traditional customers to be impressed with the StrongARM upgrades. 'We are excited about the dramatic improvements in performance that we expect to obtain from our software running under StrongARM - tests on the ArtWorks renderer suggest a five to six fold increase in performance, and since speed is still often the limiting factor when creating graphics on a computer this will be a real bonus.'

Details on how to obtain upgrades from Computer Concepts will be announced in the next few weeks.

For more information contact Kate Moir at Computer Concepts on (01442) 351000, fax (01442) 350010 or e-mail kate@cconcepts.co.uk.

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