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New de-dongled and cheaper Impression and ArtWorks

Computer Concepts has announced new 1996 pricing for its complete Impression and ArtWorks range of software. In addition there are new dongleless versions of both Impression Publisher and ArtWorks.

From 1 March the price of Impression Publisher will be reduced to £129 + VAT, Impression Style to £79 + VAT, Impression Publisher Plus to £229 + VAT and ArtWorks to only £99 + VAT.

Site licence prices are being reduced accordingly - 20 user licences for Impression Publisher and ArtWorks are now just £440 + VAT and for Impression Style £350 + VAT. Full details on these and other related price changes (such as upgrades and trade prices) are available from Computer Concepts; most can be found on our pricing page on this Web site.

De-dongled versions are offered to existing owners of Impression Publisher and ArtWorks for £12.77 + VAT (quote your serial number - there's no need to return the dongle). This includes an automatic upgrade to the latest version at no extra charge (Impression Publisher 4.09 and ArtWorks 1.62).

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