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New Formulix and ArtWorks tool at Wakefield

Computer Concepts offered two new releases for the first time at the Wakefield show: a new ArtWorks tool called Precision and an updated version of Formulix.

Precision is designed for ArtWorks users who need to exactly position their graphics, and offers the ability to specify the XY position of the graphic to absolute page co-ordinates or relative to their previous positions, and gives more exact control over scaling of images. Grouped objects can also be positioned using Precision.

Formulix version 2.10 incorporates some requested changes and is available as an upgrade to existing owners of Formulix and all versions of Impression. The new version supports horizontal and vertical kerning, offers greater control over the quality and size of brackets and braces and has some improvements to the way fonts are handled.

For more information (including pricing) see the Formulix and ArtWorks tools pages.

The show as a whole was very successful for Computer Concepts, and we'd like to thank the Wakefield Acorn Computer Group for organizing it. We hope that the success will be repeated next year.

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