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The ArtWorks clip-art CD-ROMs

As a result of the 1993 and 1994 ArtWorks clip-art competitions we received a large number of high-quality drawings. These CD-ROMs (No 1 for 1993 and No 2 for 1994) include the best of them and many more ArtWorks and other graphic examples. [Rose clip-art]

More applications are now supporting the ArtWorks file format (for example, the Impression range and products from Iota, Clares and Longman Logotron). The ArtWorks clip-art CDs are the ideal way to gain some of the best illustrations available for Acorn computers. The clip-art CDs contain:

The Package


Price:£19.00 + VAT (£22.32 incl.)

Special price: buy both CD-ROMs together for £30 + VAT (£35.25 incl.)

System requirements

2MByte recommended. Suitable for all models of the Acorn RISC computer with a CD-ROM drive.

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