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Compression is a utility designed to save disc space. It works by automatically compressing all files saved to disc, and de-compressing them again when read back, and it does so with practically no noticeable delay.

Using LZW compression, a type of compression that adapts itself to the data, it can regularly achieve a saving of over 50% of disc space on a range of typical data types.

Once installed, Compression works like all other RISC OS filing systems, displaying a normal file directory window. This operates in the normal fashion and all files, compressed or otherwise, can be loaded from this window as before. However files dropped on this filer window are automatically compressed to around half their normal size before saving to disc.

As such, using Compression is quite transparent and compatible with all applications. It can also be used from the command line so that programs like BASIC or non-window based applications can take advantage of Compression.

Compression is compatible with (i.e. it will compress to) most filing systems, such as ADFS, SCSIFS, IDEFS, NFS (Ethernet filing system) and NetFS (Econet filing system).

The package includes a freely distributable decompressing version of Compression. This means that floppies containing compressed data can be freely distributed along with this special version of Compression, ensuring that everyone can read the files.

So, rather than spending large amounts of money on a larger hard disc, extend the capacity of your existing one for less than £35.

The package


Price: £29.00 + VAT (£34.07 incl.)

System requirements

1 MByte required. Works on all models of Acorn RISC computer.

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