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Formulix is an all-new RISC OS application designed to make creating formula or equations both quick and easy. It offers powerful editing features and OLE support, and exports a formula as a Draw file, thus ensuring compatibility with a broad range of desktop applications such as word processors and DTP programs.


These are the key features of Formulix. Teachers, students and anybody working in scientific publishing will appreciate the facilities this program offers. When combined with a word processor or DTP program, creating documents containing complex formulae could not be easier or quicker.

[Formulix screenshot]
This shows a Formulix window (lower) containing an equation which is being edited, within an Impression document (window behind). The use of OLE greatly simplifies the process of embedding and editing complex equations in Impression.

New in version 2.10: Formulix can now perform horizontal and vertical kerning of individual elements within a formula. This allows extremely precise control over the appearance of equations. Also included in this version are some new bracket types which can look better for larger brackets, and more precise control over bracket size. Existing users of Formulix can upgrade to version 2.10 for £12.77 + VAT.

The Package


£49 + VAT (£57.57 incl.)

£29 + VAT (£34.07 incl.) for existing owners of Equasor and Impression

£12.77 + VAT (£15.00 incl.) for existing Formulix owners to upgrade to version 2.10

System requirements

Works with all Acorn RISC computers with 2MBytes RAM.
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