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This stand-alone application works with all word processors (although it is more integrated with Impression) and is the ideal assistant for all word processor users. WordWorks is unique in that it includes a complete English dictionary with explanations, and so it can be used not only for finding alternative words, but also for spell checking and finding the meaning of words.

Unlike the thesaurus data used in some other products on the Acorn computer (which use public domain dictionaries) WordWorks uses licensed thesaurus and dictionary data from Collins, so you can be sure the information is up-to-date, accurate and of the highest quality.

WordWorks presents an exact on-screen representation of the printed page of a traditional paper thesaurus and dictionary - including italics, highlights etc. It therefore offers the familiarity of the traditional paper product along with the convenience and speed of the computer. It offers instantaneous lookup of words; once you‘ve found the word or phrase you want, simply double click on it to transfer the selected word to your word processor or editor (this works with all desktop word processors). It also includes complete on-line hyper-text help so it‘s not even necessary to read the manual.

WordWorks' 'inverted index' method of searching means that any word in the thesaurus or dictionary can be searched on, rather than the usual limitation to head words.

[WordWorks screenshot]
This screenshot shows the WordWorks entry for the word 'provide'. The top part shows the dictionary entry and the lower part shows the thesaurus entry. You can show the thesaurus or dictionary entry or both.

The package


Price: £29 + VAT (£34.07 incl)

Note: WordWorks comes bundled with Impression Style, Publisher and Publisher Plus.

System requirements

2MBytes and a hard disc required for full functionality; works on all models of Acorn RISC computers, except for the StrongARM.


WordWorks is a simple but extremely effective tool that is a must for all serious users who produce a lot of text.
Archimedes World

All in all I give Computer Concepts 10 out of 10 for superb presentation of a very useful package.
The Arm Club Magazine

Computer Concepts' thesaurus is definitely the most advanced that you will find on the Archimedes.
Risc User

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