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Printer consumables

Computer Concepts stocks the full range of consumables for Canon ink-jet printers. We supply only genuine Canon inks and tanks; papers are either Canon or an equivalent from a leading British paper company. We carry inks and tanks for these printer types: BJ-10, BJ-10ex, BJ-10sx, BJ-20, BJ-30, BJC-70, BJ-200, BJ-200ex, BJC-210, BJ-230, BJ-300, BJC-600, BJC-600e, BJC-610, BJC-620, BJC-800, BJC-4000, BJC-4100. Our policy is to support all printer types we have sold, even those discontinued from Canon's product line-up, and so we'll continue to carry consumables for all these printers.


We stock a wide range of coated papers specially formulated for inkjet printers. Many modern inkjet printers give good results on ordinary photocopier paper but coated papers give the very best results.

Did you know that inkjets can also print transparencies? They can but require a special type of transparency. We stock these as well.

Consumables for LaserDirect

We also stock toner refills, drums and cartridges for Canon LBP-4/LBP-8 and Qume printers. (Please note that these parts are suitable for all versions of LBP-4/LBP-8 printers supplied with LaserDirect but may be unsuitable for later models.) We only supply genuine Canon or Qume parts.

Ordering details

Different models of Canon inkjet printers require different ink formulations or paper type. To make sure we always supply you with the correct items, please tell us which model of printer you have.

Canon ink prices are subject to change without notice. Also paper prices fluctuate according to world demand. For current prices contact us.

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