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The Scanlight Video 256

Price crash!

Scanlight Video 256 now only £59 + VAT

ScanLight Video 256 provides the ultimate image capture solution by combining the ScanLight 256 greyscale scanner and the GreyHawk fast greyscale video digitiser on a single expansion board.

The Scanlight 256

ScanLight 256 provides perfect quality picture scans (it's a true 256 grey-level device) in a small hand held unit. It offers scanning resolutions of 100, 200, 300 or 400 dpi in either monochrome, 16 grey-levels or 256 grey-levels.

This latest ScanLight 256 model offers a convenient one-touch scanning button, and a unique overscan buzzer. In addition to the more usual flashing light, this buzzer provides audio feedback to warn when scanning is approaching the speed limit, and a different tone when the scan speed limit is exceeded. This means you can concentrate on looking at the screen while you scan without having to constantly check the scanner itself.

A further aid to quality scans is the straight edge ruler supplied with the scanner. This ruler, specifically designed for the scanner, fits into a groove under the edge of the scanner and ensures absolutely straight scanned images. The image quality of ScanLight 256 is quite capable of producing scans for professional typesetting work is exactly as described above and the package includes the ScanLight Plus image manipulation software.

The Greyhawk

The GreyHawk video digitiser is the perfect complement to any scanner, providing the means to capture images from video recorders or video camcorders to incorporate into DTP work. It offers an 8-bit, 256-greyscale digitising ability, resulting in smooth shading and good clarity of the image on screen. It also offers real time capture - the ultra-fast TakeOne video preview application provides video in a window on the desktop, at up to 50 frames a second at quarter screen size. In other words a live moving image can be seen on the screen, so that the user can capture precisely the right point in the video film.

The Package


Price: £59.00 + VAT (£69.32 incl.)

For a second ScanLight Video board only: £29.00 + VAT (£34.07 incl.)

Upgrades are available from the GreyHawk digitiser and the most recent models of ScanLight 256 (details on request).

Hardware requirements

2 MByte required.


As with all Computer Concepts products, the software is well thought out and easy to use
Educational Computing

It offers post-treatment facilities that can only be described as lavish
This is a top-class monochrome frame grabber
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