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StrongARM upgrades

This page was last updated on 6 Dec 1999.

All upgrades are now shipping.

To upgrade, we need your serial number and your money - no discs or dongles need to be returned. If you cannot find your serial number but have registered, your address (including postcode) may be sufficient, but this will almost certainly delay your order.

Also see the a StrongARM question and answer document which will also be updated with the most frequently asked questions about our StrongARM products. This page also has some speed comparisons for our software running on the StrongARM.

Note that the following versions of software shipped with Impression work without modification on the StrongARM:

These versions will be shipped with the upgrade only if our records indicate that you do not already have them. Anyone with Impression x.04 or later should already have the correct versions of this software.

Products that work already and do not require an upgrade

The version numbers where given are those that were current at the time StrongARM was released - some earlier versions may work, but have not been tested.

Products for which upgrades have been produced

Because many people will be wanting to upgrade a large number of products at once, we have set a maximum upgrade charge. The most we will charge for a set of upgrades to StrongARM compatible versions of software is £60 + VAT (£70.50).

The following upgrades are available for £23 + VAT (£27.02). All versions are de-dongled. If you have already bought a de-dongled version of these products, they are available at a discounted price of £19 + VAT (£22.32).

The site licence versions of Impression and ArtWorks are available for upgrade for £39 + VAT (£45.83).

The following upgrade is available for £19 + VAT (£22.32).

The following upgrades are available for £10 + VAT (£11.75).

Site licence versions of MacFS and Compression may be upgraded for £19 + VAT (£22.32).

The following products share a common upgrade available for a one-off cost of £10 + VAT (£11.75). If you have version 4.05 of the TurboDrivers or Laser Direct, this upgrade is also freely available for download from this site.

Products which don't work

The following products are known not to work, and upgrades are not currently being produced.

Third-party products

The following third-party products are maintained by companies other than Computer Concepts. Both are believed by CC to work with the StrongARM, but you should check with the companies concerned for details of StrongARM compatibility for these products.

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