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Impression Style

Impression Style is the most advanced general purpose word processor available for Acorn RISC computers, and since its launch, it has become one of the best selling Acorn application programs, receiving numerous plaudits from press and end users alike.

Key features

Some of the key features of Impression Style include:

Other important application programs are being adapted to take advantage of Impression OLE. For example Longman‘s Eureka spreadsheet will offer OLE compatibility, allowing spreadsheet data to be incorporated directly into documents.

[Style screenshot]

This screenshot demonstrates many of these points.

Bundled programs

We also include two utility programs that take advantage of OLE. TableMate is a simple table editing utility and Equasor is a mathematical equation creation and editing tool. Both packages are available separately, but are included in the Impression Style package.


Another very significant addition to the Style package is WordWorks, our combined English dictionary and Thesaurus. Fully integrated with Style - you only need to select a word in Style for it automatically to be looked up in the dictionaries. See elsewhere in this brochure for more details of the capabilities of this package.

On-line Help

Lastly if you thought all this power would make the program complex or difficult to understand, this is not true. The use of button bars and simple editing features like drag and drop make using Style more productive and easier than ever before. Finally Impression Style is the first mainstream application program to offer full on-line hypertext help. Which means full on-line documentation. So if you‘re not sure how to use a feature, you don't even need to get the manual out.

The Package


Price: £79 + VAT (£92.82 incl).

Network and site licences are available - ask for details.

Upgrade prices

Registered owners of Impression Junior can upgrade for only £49 + VAT (£57.57 incl). This upgrade includes all the additional programs and utilities that form part of the new Style package - ie a full copy of WordWorks, TableMate and Equasor and full manuals etc.

Owners of any of the following word processors may also upgrade to Impression Style for only £59 + p&p + VAT (£72.85 incl). Just return your master disc for any of the following programs: Wordz, EasiWriter, Advance, TechWriter, FirstWord Plus, Acorn DTP, StartWrite, Ovation, Pipedream.

System requirements

2 MBytes and a hard disc required for full WordWorks functionality. Impression Style works on all models of Acorn RISC Computer.


You should not hesitate to get this excellent package.
In short, if
Impression II can do it, Style can do it better.
Acorn User

...comes with a whole host of extra goodies each of which would cost the price of Style were it for the PC platform. Whether you are a writer or merely the producer of the occasional letter, Style offers nearly everything that a word processor should offer, and at a price that cannot be ignored.
Risc User

Unbeatable value
Acorn Computing

Impression Style is a document processor of immeasurable power and sophistication.
Importing foreign formats is one thing that
Style handles better than any other Acorn package I have encountered.
At the end of the day,
Impression Style is a superb product for the relatively small asking price.
There is no other product on the Acorn platform to touch this, whether at the £100 price point or at £500. Every writer should own a copy.

Archimedes World

You really have the best-value Document Processor in the Acorn market, if not on any computer platform.
Anyone who does not take the opportunity to upgrade
Impression Junior to Style is missing out dramatically on a a major upgrade.

If you want the best available word processor for the Acorn Archimedes in terms of features, ease of use and price, Style wins hands down.
Times Educational Supplement

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