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ART acquires Wild Vision

Acorn Risc Technologies, a division of Acorn Computer Group plc has acquired Wild Vision from Computer Concepts. The exclusive two year contract encompasses Wild Vision's top designer, intellectual property rights (IPR) and the rights to Wild Vision products.

From 1 July, Peter Wild, chief designer and founder of Wild Vision will be joining ART to help develop its state-of-the-art technology which includes digital cameras, portable multimedia players and mobile communications designs.

Initial designs that ART will develop based on its newly acquired IPR include MPEG 2 set-top boxes and multiple display multimedia kiosks.

Peter Bondar, Director of Acorn Risc Technologies comments: "We’re very excited to welcome Wild Vision to Acorn. Its extensive IPR catalogue will be a great asset to ART. Over the past 6 years, Wild Vision has produced some extremely popular hardware and software products for Acorn and we're sure this closer working relationship will result in even more innovative designs that will have major implications on the future of RISC based technology".

Computer Concepts will continue working with ART to produce software that will be StrongARM compliant. Only a few weeks ago, Acorn demonstrated the world's first working prototype of a Network Computer to use the StrongARM processor and the first finished product design is expected in 1997.

The production circle has been made complete by the purchase of Wild Vision's manufacturing facilities by Morley, an Acorn supplier.

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