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Now sold by MW Software

ArtWorks is an entirely new graphics illustration program for the Archimedes range of computers. ArtWorks will prove invaluable to all users by providing the most powerful and easiest to use graphics program available for Acorn RISC computers - a perfect complement to our other publishing products.

ArtWorks features

[Apple drawing]

Features include:

[Happy face graphic] ArtWorks is a modular program, with the ability to add tools for extra functionality built into it. Several tools have been written and the Freeware and Shareware modules are available for download from this site. ArtWorks is available only on floppy disc.

Although ArtWorks can be used for professional quality illustration work it is also ideal for anyone wanting to create any form of illustration, no matter how simple. Its speed and ease of use not only make it more fun but also more productive.

The package


RRP: 169.00 inc VAT

Site licences available - ask for details.

System requirements

2 MByte required. Works with all Acorn RISC computers.

PC Users

We've developed a Windows version of ArtWorks called Xara X - see the Xara X page on the Xara Ltd site.

Price crash!

Upgrade ArtWorks to Xara X and get a an impressive discount. See here for more details.


ArtWorks is quite simply the best vector drawing software on the Arch.
Having just purchased a 486 computer, no-one is more disappointed than I to find that
CorelDRAW looks pretty pedestrian compared to ArtWorks on the Archimedes.
Computer Shopper

It's the best art program ever to hit the Archimedes
Archimedes World

I for one would have no hesitation in recommending ArtWorks to anyone, to use either on a professional basis or for pleasure.
Acorn Computing

...it forms what is perhaps the easiest to use, but most advanced graphic illustration package on any personal computer today.
Acorn User

In summary I think ArtWorks is a wonderful program and I am astonished the asking price is below £200 inc VAT

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