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The MIDI Max card

MIDI Max is a single width MIDI expansion card, designed to provide a stand alone MIDI solution at an affordable price.

MIDI Max can be connected to a wide range of compatible equipment, including drum machines, keyboards, synthesizers and sequencers.

The standard MIDI In, Out and Thru connectors are provided, with the added benefit of a second Out connector to simplify the interfacing of multiple devices. MIDI Max is supplied with the same MIDI support software as the Eagle M2 and offers full compatibility with Acorn MIDI implementation, so it can be used with all RISC OS applications such as Serenade and Rhapsody.

A 16byte memory buffer is included on the card for both transmit and receive, which means no data is lost even when the MIDI interface is transmitting at maximum rate.

The Package


Price: £69.00 + VAT (£81.07 incl.)

System requirements

Suitable for all models of Acorn Risc Computers with RISC OS 3.1 and 1 MByte or more except A3010/20/4000.

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