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Impression Publisher Plus

Impression Publisher Plusis a supplement to Impression Publisher designed for professional users, particularly those involved in colour reproduction. It now provides support for high end pre-press systems like OPI, DCS, and EPS files, and provides a new colour system.


Advanced Colour Control

[The colour editor]
The new colour editor.

All of these controls are in addition to the already very flexible separation and colour support built into the standard Impression Publisher, such as the ability to adjust brightness and contrast, and the PostScript screen type, density and angle on an individual graphic basis, the ability to control overprint on a colour or plate basis, and the unique ability to preview colour separations on-screen either in greyscale or the plate colour (which now includes spot previews as well).

In addition to the above improved colour support, when printing, the precise XY page offset (i.e. the position of the page on the paper) can now be controlled.

The Package


Price: Full Impression Publisher Plus package - £229 + VAT (£269.07 incl)

Publisher Plus as an upgrade for Publisher owners - £99 + VAT (£116.32 incl)

System requirements

Works with all Acorn RISC computers. 2MBytes of RAM required; 4MBytes RAM recommended.

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